Beyond empowering

Beyond Facilitation

“We cannot teach another person directly, we can only facilitate his learning.” - Carl Rogers



“I need to design my online training.”

Online learning solutions design

What are the learner’s needs? What are the learning goals? What are the transformations the learner will go through? What metrics will you use to assess the course outcomes?

As a team of adult education facilitators we know how important it is to analyze your business goals and align them with your and participants learning needs early on. For this, we use online training canvas and assessment workshops to make sure you get a suitable framework you can apply either independently or with the help of our facilitators.

“I need someone to facilitate my meeting.”

Workshops and meetings facilitation

It was boring and a waste of time. I did not feel invited to contribute. As an introvert, I felt exposed.

Did you hear this before? As facilitators we can tell that online workshops can fail badly. That’s why we need to plan carefully each activity and to count on unexpected behavioral patterns that might occur during the event. The goal is to navigate the group as smoothly as possible and to create an enjoyable journey.

“I want to learn tips and tricks of great online facilitation.”

Online facilitation training

How can I make psychologically safe space for participants? How can I provide an environment for participants to connect?

These are some of the questions our facilitators ask themselves each time before they sit down to plan a facilitation process. Online facilitation is a practical skill that requires mindfulness, focus, well-planned activities. Our training will cover all the human and technical skills you need in order to deliver the best possible experience to your participants.